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Professional Deep Muscle Massager

Professional Deep Muscle Massager

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Revitalize your muscles, recharge your body - unleash the power of our massage gun

Our Professional Deep Muscle Massager is designed with powerful, targeted massage technology to help reduce soreness and improve muscle recovery. Its deep tissue massage helps breakdown lactic acid and improve circulation, making it the ideal choice for any type of professional massage.

High Torque Brushless Motor: Provides a powerful massage with its 3200 rpm and 12 kg pressure bearing capacity. It offers a deep massage of up to 80mm to effectively reach the underlying muscle layers and provide relief. Enjoy a soothing massage experience with this professional-grade massager.

LCD Touchscreen: Our innovative A.I. Mode and 7 adjustable speeds and gears let you customize your massage experience. The wave and crescendo vibration modes provide powerful yet gentle muscle stimulation and the fadeout vibration ensures a relaxing finish.

High Capacity Lithium Battery: Designed to provide powerful relief. Its high capacity 2500 mAh lithium battery provides hours of usage, while the electric quantity display lets users accurately monitor battery level. Enjoy targeted relief and peace of mind with this cutting-edge massager.

6 Massage Heads: This Professional Deep Muscle Massager offers the ideal combination of massage heads to easily target sore and tight muscles. With a round head for large areas, a flat head for small areas, a bullet head for deep tissue, a spinal head for back pain relief, and an air compression head for gentle massage, this massage tool is designed to meet your needs.

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