Portable Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser - CORDLESS!

  • $44.95

This CORDLESS, portable diffuser will be sure to please! It's the perfect travel companion! 

  • PORTABLE: small enough to go where you go. Take it in your car, on your desk, to your outdoor functions
  • CORDLESS: On one complete charge, it lasts for at least 6 hours
  • VERSATILE: USB cord allows diffuser to use multiple power sources. Plug it into your laptop, a power bank or adapter. You can take it anywhere!
  • SAFE to use: Waterless, so no concern of spillage while traveling
  • 7-color LED lamp: You can choose a specific color or allow it to cycle through all 7 colors. The lamp can run continuously and independently of the diffuser. Or you can choose to have no lamp at all
  • Opaque top, wood grain base
  • BONUS: Includes 3 diffuser pads
  • RELIABLE: 6 months money back guarantee


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